The Carillon Tower
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Welcome to the
Loughborough Carillon
Tower and War Memorial Museum
The Bell Chamber and Balcony
The bells that make up the Carillon are hung in the upper section of the tower. The balcony offers views across Loughborough and the Soar valley. Click for more
Carillon Musical Instrument
This is where the bells of the Carillon are played on an instrument similar to an organ but consisting of levers.

Recitals are given throughout the year. Click for more
Second Floor - The Airborne Room
This room contains items relating to the 82nd US Airborne Division 505th Parachute Infantry Regiment together with the original WW1 collection donated by Loughborough Corporation. Click for more
First Floor - The Yeomanry Room
This room displays items from the Leicestershire Yeomanry, and reveals the story of "Songster", Loughborough's own 'War Horse'.
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Ground Floor Collections
Outside are the commemorative plaques for two World Wars. Inside displays include an extensive collection of medals and other memorabilia.
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British Armed Forces Special Vouchers

Officially known as British Armed Forces Special Vouchers, these are essentially banknotes initially issued to troops as one of a number of anti-black-market measures in Occupied-Germany in 1946. The first ones had a face value of between three pence (that is 3d, the equivalent of just over 1p in decimal currency) and one pound. This series of notes was replaced in 1948, and again in 1956, 1962 and later. The last series was issues in 1972 and was the only one with decimal currancy values.

The museum has a number of examples from different series, as shown in the picture on the right.

The notes are collected today by notaphilist (that is, bank note collectors) with series one over printed with "ISSUED IN HM SHIPS AFLOAT FOR USE IN NAAFI CANTEENS ONLY" being especially sought after. Sadly, the museum has no examples of such notes.

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