The Carillon Tower
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Welcome to the
Loughborough Carillon
Tower and War Memorial Museum
The Bell Chamber and Balcony
The bells that make up the Carillon are hung in the upper section of the tower. The balcony offers views across Loughborough and the Soar valley. Click for more
Carillon Musical Instrument
This is where the bells of the Carillon are played on an instrument similar to an organ but consisting of levers.

Recitals are given throughout the year. Click for more
Second Floor - The Airborne Room
This room contains items relating to the 82nd US Airborne Division 505th Parachute Infantry Regiment together with the original WW1 collection donated by Loughborough Corporation. Click for more
First Floor - The Yeomanry Room
This room displays items from the Leicestershire Yeomanry, and reveals the story of "Songster", Loughborough's own 'War Horse'.
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Ground Floor Collections
Outside are the commemorative plaques for two World Wars. Inside displays include an extensive collection of medals and other memorabilia.
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Recent Acquisition: Powder Horn

Powder horns were flasks designed to carry gunpowder and were commonly made of animal horn, hence the name. They were used to charge muzzle-loading firearms in earlier centuries. The horn would be filled at the wider end and the powder dispensed through a nozzle at the pointed end as needed.

This powder horn (shown on the right) has been etched with the badge of the Royal Anglian Regiment by a member of 'C' Coy 1st Bn 181 Infantry Regiment US Army, and was presented to the Leicestershire and Derbyshire Yeomanry (LDY) to commemorate the two units training together in May 1977.

The horn recently appeared on eBay and was purchased by Mr Karl Charters, an ex LDY member, who donated it to the museum. Our grateful thanks go to Karl for the donation, which is a welcome addition to our collection.

Five days of recitals starting Wednesday 19 July

The annual five-day festival of one o'clock carillon recitals starts on Wednesday 19 July and will include guest carillonneurs and Caroline Sharpe, the Borough Carillonneur. Click for details of this and other recitals throughout the year.

A new CD of carillon recital music, arranged and played by Caroline Sharpe, is now available. Click for details.

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