War Memorial and Museum

The Loughborough Carillon is first and foremost a war memorial to the fallen in two world wars, but it is also a museum  with artifacts, documents and items that recall the events of those wars as they relate to Loughborough people.
Plaque: 'In Honoured Memory' of Loughborough's FallenThe carillon tower is owned by the local authority, but administered by a board of trustees.  On a day-to-day basis it is run by a team of volunteers.

The museum is a great place to find out about the past, whether that means simple curiosity about the wars fought in the 20th century, seeking information about an ancestor or more serious research about events and those who took part in them.

It's also a good place to teach the next generation about their history through the people who where there and the artifacts they left behind.


The Carillon couldn't run without its volunteers. Not only do they keep the museum open ready for you to visit, they perform any number of other tasks as well.  They look after the items on display and do all the other curating activities that any museum needs to do. They also paint, clean and generally maintain the rooms.

Perhaps you would like to help or perhaps you have a special skill to offer.

Please get in touch using the phone number and email link at the bottom of the page.

Loughborough Carillon's Facebook Page

Our Facebook page is where we get to give you news about the Carillon Museum and to share stories and pictures about Loughborough's role in various conflicts.

We'd very much like to hear your stories and opinions too. And if you have any pictures of wartime events, or of friends and family members in the services at that time, please share them with us. Please click on the picture on the right to visit our Facebook page.

Loughborough Roll of Honour

The Carillion Museum has a close relationship with the Loughborough Roll of Honour website, which provides a rich photographic record of the the two world wars as they relate to Loughborough, and maintains a list of the those people from Loughborough who fell in those wars.

Please click on the picture on the right to visit the website.


The 'Carillon Chimes', the newsletter of the Carillon Museum, ceased publication in December 2015, but the Carillon Chimes Archive is available on the Loughborough Roll of Honour website.

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